Indian Wedding Rituals

  • Roka Ceremony

    First Step

    A first step towards the marriage that symbolizwd that both the bride and groom have decided to be the soulmates for life.

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    Bachelor's Party

    Second Step

    This party is hosted by both the familes individually with their friends and family members just to enjoy a last bachelor night before the groom and the bride are traditionally committed.

  • Sagan & Ring Ceremony

    Third Step

    A formal wedding announcement with an exchange of rings between the couple. Followed by a pre-party celebration where family comes together to revel in the joy of the forthcoming union.

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    Mehndi Ceremony

    Fourth Step

    Traditional celebrated by the brides side of the family, the ceremony is a colorfl fun celebration held the day before the wedding. The brides hands and feet are adorned with henna designs.

  • Sangeet Ceremony

    Fifth Step

    The Sangeet ceremony is all about dance and music. Exclusively arranged for friends and relatives, the ceremony sums up what Indian weddings entails.Love, laughter, tears and bittersweet moments.

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    Haldi & Sainth Ritual

    Sixth Step

    An auspicious ceremony for good luck, the Haldi & Sainth ceremony is a ritual where turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom to ward off evil spirits and brighten up the skin.

  • Baraat & Ghudh Charai Ceremony

    Seventh Step

    Surrounded by friends and family singing and dancing to the tunes played by dhol players, the grooms's arrival to the wedding venue on a beautiful decorated horse begins the ceremony

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    Milni Ceremony

    Eighth Step

    A welcoming ritual where the relatives of both the bride and groom great each other with garlands and later the groom is escorted to the mandap.

  • Jai Mala Ceremony

    Nineth Step

    Escorted to the stage, the bride & groom exchanges floral garlands indicating as their start of forever. The ritual also symbolizes acceptance of togetherness.

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    Kanyadaan Ceremony

    Tenth Step

    Knayadaan, a deeply sentimental moment when the father of the bride who entrusts the groom with the well being of his daughter thought her life.

  • Phere Ritual

    Eleventh Step

    Joining their hands, the couples take scared steps together around the holy fire. Each step represents a vow they will make, symbolizing a happy , faithful and prosperous life.

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    Vidaai Ceremony

    Twelveth Step

    Vidaai, a final stage of a wedding where the bride's parent bid farewell to ther daughter with their sun-in-law. This is marked by a mix of emotions of joy and sadness.

  • Reception Party

    Thirteenth Step

    This is a party celebrated after wedding day by the groom's family for happily accepting a new member in their family with their surname.


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